I am not going to go on an endless rant. That’s not what I’m about.
I don’t know why but Jamie Oliver shits me.
There is something about that smug fuck. He had this show not too long ago which was showing the general public what is right and what is wrong to eat. Apples = Good, KFC = Bad. 5 cups of Vegetables = Good, Diahrrea = Bad.
I believe there is a sliding scale of smart people vs the sort of people who would watch this show. What I mean by that is, if you are smart you should/would have a pretty good idea on the sort of food you should really be eating. The show would only appeal to people who would intelligent enough to take an interest and those who really should take the information onboard would only watch the show if all the other free-to-air channels are broken and couldn’t be fucked getting up under their own weight, walking over to the computer and facebooking or myspaceing.
That doesn’t mean to say that what works in theory is what is actually executed in practise; people know what is good for them yet they continue to eat shit food. It’s a human fault that the majority would prefer to have that instant gratification and worry about the consequences later over having something that is healthy for you and it paying off in the long run. This would explain why I have 30 minutes to have some sad, tiny looking burger and some fat-soaked and extremely uninteresting “fries”/chips at the local grease shack any time during the day that isn’t some odd time of the day to be eating like 3:30PM. The thing is, I’m not pointing any fingers as I am a fat man, myself.
The point is that while there is facade of interesting facts, essentially is a big-arsed lecture. Something my parents would give me when I was younger. Which I can live without. The only decision is when my parents gave me a lecture is I didn’t have a choice in listening to it or not.