There’s a news story going around at the moment that some dumb bitch thought it would be a good idea to go for a round-world trip in a yacht. It’s not even a big yacht with naked women, a captain to steer the fuckin thing and people serving you food like some kind of fantasy P&O cruise.

I’d paste a link but seriously could not be fucked due the ridiculous nature of this story. The parents’ attitude is, “Who’s to say my daughter can’t go out and have an adventure?” Clearly parents of the year.

No matter what the parent says, the daughter is still gunna go out there and do what she wants. She has nothing better to do with her time nor has any great aspirations or any great offers she is postponing, so she is going to sail the sea and let’s hope she’s prepared for what nature throws at her. Not to mention other sea vessels and people (nasty or otherwise) she may meet. The story is so extreme that I absolutely no sympathy if she drowns or dies out in sea.

To add salt to the wound, she doesn’t seem incredibly bright (although impressions are not always an accurate depiction). Am I the only one who is angered by this story? If she makes it, great - she will be the youngest person who can sail around the world. Then what? A great accomplishment, sure. But can she make a living out of it from that point on?

What happens if this daft bitch doesn’t make it? What will piss me off to no end will be she is out there and then one day she dies. And then they will do a huge news story about her like she was some kind of martyr instead of a dumb bitch who went out into the ocean with little to no knowledge and did an incredibly stupid thing. The people who they will interview will be crying and going, “She was such a young smart woman with so much going for her…” common sense not being one of them. And it will be in the news for like a week.