I dunno what happened. The emo explosion happened circa 1999/2000 and TBS were at the forfront. I mean sure, they were no Sunny Day Real Estate. But you had bands like Thursday, Thrice or My Chemical Romance who were the initial bands who rode the wave of fashion and these guys release an EP at that time. They followed up in 2002 with the hugely popular album, “Tell All Your Friends”. They’ve done 2 albums since which are both limiting and uninspiring. I mean, it is no William Hung album. But you could never fool me again into hearing one or two tracks from both albums to confirm they indeed still suck.

Their new album is due next Tuesday. I am not happy or excited about it. But I can imagine the kind of scene kid who would turn up to a gig of theirs, hang around for awhile to be seen and then disappear after a song or two has been played. They’re out there. I am making a prediction that it was suck harder than a 1200w vacuum on my dick.

If you have an ugly urge, I would suggest masturbation. But failing that, you can see what allmusic has to say about it.

1_star.gif Crap.