The subject would be rather witty if this was about some unfortunate person who has their foot amputated. But this is far worse.

http://torrentfreak. … any-in-america-2007/
Why limit it to 2007? I think it is fair to say that the RIAA are the most hated company, ever. In all the companies in all the world that pointlessly consumes natural resources, RIAA has got to be up there somewhere. Using unneccessary force and man power to find people on the internet who are sharing music like it is some sort of crime.
The crime really lies with the shit music that is rammed down my throat like a child who is not eating his vegetables. It is all over the internet, ads on TV, billboards, radio (is the fuckin worst for this), etc. Everywhere we turn, companies spend rediculous amounts of money on a band with a “catchy” song in hopes that the masses will eat it up like pigs at a trough. It’s like 1984. They succeed mostly but when one of those masses is eating something similar to what is in the trough with about the same amount of nutrition, for free. And it is not just one that is doing it. It is a minority. But that minority will eventually turn into a majority. What shits me off is the record labels play this off like it is everyone who is downloading freely. All the boppy, mindless tunes that those 13 year old girls love and buy in masses have now come to realise that if I do not have the money for my favourite artist’s album - whether that be N*sync’s Christmas album or “Inspiration” by William Hung which can be obtained for a fraction of the price with no one really policing the situation. One day in the future, Microsoft will have total control and inbuilt spyware watching what we do. But Microsoft can’t get making an OS right yet so until that day, we’re somewhat free. Of course unless all of this is done at an ISP. But you know they will just find another protocol or another hole in Torrents which can be exploited.
Ok, not everyone can be computer savvy but the kids these days are being raised on computers as Microsoft is ramming their operating system with endless amounts of 3rd party applications which can rip music for free and then then you have another endless supply of 3rd party apps to download and share the music you have. So why pay for $30 for an album when you can download only your favourite songs from each album for nothing? Seems rather appealing. I see the iStore sells their shitty-encoded mp3s for 99c each. Which is fine if you like 10 songs in the whole wide world. I can buy second hand CDs from various websites for a couple of bucks and even that makes the iStore seem like a giant rip. You never have any physical place to store your music like a CD when you download from the iStore. If I ever did, I would feel ripped off. Sure you can burn it off. But where is your artwork? It’s not the same.
“KaZaa users hunted down by RIAA like the dogs they are!”
Kazaa is old school. It was a simple program in the wake of the flood that was p2p programs. It was easy, connected to multiple servers and if you wanted something, it generally had it (along with virus’). It covered a lot more than just mp3 which was the popular thing to share at the time. I wouldn’t call Kazaa users dogs but more like people who still use Winzip and Netscape Navigator.
They even posted a list of the users they were chasing: … AA-Hit-List_pg2.html
OH NO! They found me - abcdefghijklm@Kazaa. Pffft, what do they think they are going to achieve? I wouldn’t be caught dead using a program like that.