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Man, I love stories like this.
There are several fails in amongst this.
Firstly, if you look at the CDs available that were pirated. Nothing is worth actual money EXCEPT Simon and Garfunkel. KD Lang in her less-lesbain years (or Celine Dion, either way - yuk), Spice Girls (Spice World was the best movie in the world), World Music (of some description) and what looks like a Princess Diana tribute (a whole CD of meh and couldn’t care less).

Secondly, I hate hypocracy. You can sue 226,000 people for the exact same shit you’re pulling.
That shits me on so many levels. It is like a bully in the playground having reign because he’s the biggest and the rest of us either learn to put up with his shit by hiding, deal with being beaten up OR just learn to get out of the fuckers road. It is not about music. It never is but at one stage many years ago, even the hottest acts were something to watch (rather than the hype surrounding the band). These days they are fly-by-nighters (at a rough guess - 90% of the pop industry are with few exceptions) who have no stage presence and try to make up this major downfall with energy. It comes naturally to some people. But most of the shit I see on TV that make over night hit sensations have the stage presence of a stool. Although, to be fair to the stool he is more self-conscience than most of those ego-driven singers with no actual music-writing talent. Just do covers. It’s cheaper that way (you only have to pay royalties and studio time) and at least you know everyone will like the song.

Thirdly, what kind of douchebag would ring support for pirated software? How does Sony not know their “licence agreement” with the company their “stole” their software from? Fuck Sony in their tight arseholes. Business is a two-way street, you filthy capitalists.
All I can say is I hope PointDev win. Sure it is only $300k, but a small win is still a win. … 8029-5014116,00.html
“Sony BMG drops copy protection”
Isn’t this an interesting development? Firstly music companies are going on whether Steve Jobs believes dropping DRM will boost sales. You need not only a company big enough to have a “net income of $208 million on sales of $1.47 billion, in the fiscal third quarter” [ref]. But what you have to understand also is business. The idea being that you need to make the biggest possible profit to have your investors who own shares in the company turn out more money per share so they continue to be invested in the company. It is vastly more complicated than that but my problem with the whole scheme is the fact that they are making a mockery and taking the art out of music. What they are doing is riding waves of fashion. Whatever is popular now, keep doing that and the kids will continue to buy whatever is fashionable. There’s a science but not an interesting one. Nor a positive one. Music should be free forms of sounds coming together to make a whole. Not manufactured sounds and artists.
If we took away ALL the money in popular music for just one moment. This means no advertising, no cramming music on every type of media and no hype…do you think that people are still going to be interested in what is fashionable?
You can tell with a story like this that Sony had no intention of dropping its DRM but since every other company is doing and Steve Jobs said it would turn greater profits, they seems like they were forced into it. I believe there are 2 schools of thought with dropping the DRM:
1. People will buy more music because they have the freedom with what they can do with each mp3
2. People will buy less music BECAUSE it is more freely available and can get it from others who have also bought the iTunes mp3s and realise they are paying more for a DRM-free mp3. … 7166-5014116,00.html
“Record labels cut anti-piracy funding”
WELL WELL WELL…wellity wellity wellity. This is starting to paint a rather vivid picture. Now, we’re making assumptions that all of these news articles are 100% correct and in most circumstances, you can just bet your left nut that these stories in some way have been tainted. BUT, on face value, which ways are the companies going? First they want to sue everybody who has 1 mp3 of theirs which they either ripped themselves or downloaded from others and now…they want to cut the funds to try and find these people who are downloading your product for free? Here’s an idea: MAKE BETTER MUSIC, YOU FUCKFACES. Once they found out that the RIAA (who work for Sony alongside Sony themselves) are the most hated company in America, they must have had a change or heart. OR found that the RIAA were simply not doing enough to battle the cause. Or maybe finding that doing as much anti-piracy as you can and want, you find will some 12 year old kid find a work around in under 5 minutes making that cool $20m just spent on trying to get those little pirating bastards to stop freely distributing the music they love into a giant waste of time.
Whether it sounds good or not is entirely subjective.
If you are making music for the general populous, if there is another solution to get your product for free, they will take a great advantage of it. Duh. Not everyone has the money Sony BMG has to spend on its own merchandise. Middle class are scraping out a living paying bills, rent (or the mortgage), car…the list goes on. And then on top of that you want us to fork hand over fist money so the people at the top can live a life the rest of us could never live? Am I the only one outraged by this whole situation?

Which brings me to this:
http://consumerist.c … d-you-are-a-criminal

Is this the most extremely fucked up thing you have ever heard? Ok, you bought the CD. And you might want to put it on your iPod, computer or whatever. Even if you have absolutely no plans with sharing your music with anyone, copying the music is “stealing”…from who? The artist? The artist doesn’t give a flying monkey shit what you do with your bought CD. He has his $1 cut from the album. What kind of 1984 bullshit is this if you can’t even put what you purchased for onto another media? If this is the case, we might as well go back to portible music CD players (remember those chunky as fuck things?) and carry around 10-20 CDs each containing 10 minutes of music I actually wanna hear from each artist. Because lets face it, the kiddies that buy the popular music only have an attention span of 10 minutes before they bored and want to find something else to do like mindless zombies. FUCK THAT and FUCK SONY.
If I murdered someone in cold blood (except for Sony BMG managerial staff since they are souless knobs anyway), I would go to jail for that. Fair enough.
If I raped anyone, I would go to jail for that. Fair enough.
But taking what I have bought with my own money and telling me that it can not be moved ANYWHERE, that is seriously fucked.

I hope that the music industry falls into anarchy. Or at least Sony goes bust. Which it never will with its profiteering and run by a group of misers. But if it ever did, I would be happy. I mean managerial staff wouldn’t care because as soon as they realise the company is going down the crapper quicker than diarrhea after a night on the chill and curry, they will give themselves a nice going away package large enough to have a middle class person live off for the rest of his days just to take the sting off before they find the next company who will pay them substancial amounts of money to do as much as their previous job or less.
The thing is, if they weren’t around it wouldn’t matter. They are not changing lives. They’re not taking that huge profit and pouring it back into the community. If they are, they’re certainly being secretive about it. They are pouring it into the next artist who will make them more money. They are pouring money into anti-piracy (even though they said they were cutting costs on how much they were spending, that figure is still grossly excessive.) Trying to fight the war on piracy is like fighting the war terrorism. There will be no defining moment where the CEO will say, “Well, that’s all of them. Got all the pirates. There will be no piracy anymore.” The cycle is more endless than that somewhat annoyingly catchy song Lambchop sings.