There is a pre-regret to this entry. I fuckin love Jason Statham as an actor. I first saw him in, ‘Snatch’ followed by “Lock Stock…’. Two really great films. He really hasn’t been around long enough to make a complete judgment on his choice in films and acting ability. But I do like his style.
However, I don’t tolerate bad movies. And this guy has made a shitload of lemons and it seems like there is a crowd out there that only remember the few good movies he has been as a basis to see everything he has put out and everything he will put out.

Before the first line in this movie was spoken, I noticed the director was Uwe Boll. Wasn’t this the same director that did that comedy movie, ‘Alone in the Dark’? Wow, wasn’t that movie perhaps the best movie I have ever seen? Yes? The one with Christian Slater? Good.” So the problem can’t be with him, then. Wait a minute. What else did Uwe Boll do? ‘House of the Dead’? ‘BloodRayne’? SWEET FUCKIN JESUS! QUICK! Where is the exit?!?! You could have had the best actor in the world and under the blind direction of Mr Boll, you could not save this really sad excuse for a movie.

Jason Statham is well-known for his action films. This is an action film minus the action.
What does that leave you with? FUCKIN NOTHIN.

I love Guy Ritchie for the same reason I love Jason Statham. And as much as I don’t want to admit, Guy Ritchie has made some poor decisions. I have yet to see ‘RocknRolla’ (which I am excited about but have been warned by others that it may not be as good/great as what I could expect it to be) nor ‘Swept Away’ (both Ritchie’s films) but from everyone who has had the misfortune to see it, have been informed that indeed it sucks on every level. Well, Guy Ritchie has made this dud also. He tries to make an intellectual film but just splices shit together and expects an end result. He DID get an end result: shit. They say Ritchie visited “unusual territory”. Well Ritchie, go back to the territory you’re used to because you are well out of your league here.

I can not say anything about this film that has not been said. Except I was walking around in the city the other day and I noticed Jet Li sitting on the gutter to one side with a hat in front of him and a sign which read, “I will promise not to make another movie like ‘The One’ for a dollar” begging for money. Good news is he made that much money from that sign, he now has enough money to make his own film.

I really do not have the balls to sit through horror movies. It is my most-disliked genre of film and find that most of are either not my cup of tea (well-thought out/well done or not) or are just mindless bloodfests which I have a weak stomach and simply do not tolerate. But since it is unanimously voted a poor film by both users and critics across imdb, rottentomatoes and allmovie it ends up on this list as a shit film.

Here is an idea for a Jason Statham film: He should be put into an action film which contains nothing but action.
No storyline, very little acting and no enemy. It is just scene after scene of Statham running and kicking arse. For no real reason at all. For 3 hours. And the extended edition has another 4 hours of action scenes which were cut from the movie but contain equal relevance to the whole film (which is none).

Oh wait, he has done that already.