It happens all the time. Bands go from great bands and either fizzle out into shit or start out shit and then as the band matures and they work hard, they make the one album (or in a few occasions - a few albums) then you never heard from them again.
In the words of an infamous Regurgitator song, “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff”.

1. Linkin Park
Their first album…erm…whatever it was called. It was great. It had that one hit everybody loved. And then it had that other song which was also played to death which was also a hit. Completely memorable.

Then they had the had their follow up. Ya know, I didn’t even know they had a follow up until just now when I searched allmusic. Shows how much impact it had. Must have taken the band in a different direction.
So they did a remix album and a live album to buy some time. I don’t mind waiting 4 years in between albums. Rocket from the Crypt used to do it all the time but comparing quality between the two bands is like chalk and cheese.

They had a new album in 2007. Some people were excited and then there were people who were like, “Linkin who?” There were those die hard fans who loved whatever shit they put out. The only theory I can form which supports why anyone would actually do this is maybe they lost their virginity to Linkin Park. Or they simply have poor taste in music. Those who snapped themselves out of this delusion that Linkin Park were a decent band, come to realize how shit the latest album was.

To their credit, they did have 2 hits.

2. Limp Bizkit
It started with, “Three Dollar Bill Y’All”. In fact, this starts before they became Limp Bizkit. They started out as a punk band under a different moniker and couldn’t make it. So they turned to nu-metal. How hard can it be, right? Some people liked, “Three Dollar Bill Y’All” but people with real taste saw it for what it is - shit.

Here’s the kicker…it gets worse.

They did, “New Old Songs” - remix album. When I’ve heard a remix that didn’t suck so much human excrement, I’ll let you know. I’ve spoken about William Hung like it’s the joke it is but if I was to review “Results May Vary”, I would strain worse than a night of eating cheese to come up with a positive thing to say about the album. They did a follow up - “The Unquestionable Truth, Pt. 1”. Sweet Jesus. This did not end well for Limp Bizkit. It’s too far gone for them to have a return to form. Ever.

3. Jimmy Eat World
Another band that started out as a punk band but not good enough to make it. Kept the same name and moved on to do indie rock. Which started with, “Static Prevails” which is their 2nd album after their S/T’ed in 1994. They then released one of the best emo albums of all time - “Clarity”. And then “Bleed American” which was also a very good album. Since then there has been fewer tracks I have liked with each album. Their latest album (”Chase This Light”) is not only generic but not a single track from the whole album worth keeping or even ripping to add to a compilation.

4. Smashing Pumpkins
“Gish”, “Siamese Dream” and “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” - Wow. The pool of genius grunge ran dry after this. It is almost like he squeezed out ALL of his great ideas and exhausted himself.
“Adore” was potentially exciting. But fell short. “MACHINA/The Machines of God” was another opportunity to build my hopes only to take a giant dump on it and “Zeitgeist” is…well…just bad. Is Billy Corgan that short of money? Or does he believe he still has what it takes? If it is the latter, prove it to me.

5. Spiderbait
They were Australian indie legends. Now they get by on covers. Their last album was released and ignored, mostly. They started out doing the hard yards to gain a dedicated fan base. They released the grossly underrated, “Ivy and the Big Apples” in 1996 followed by, “Grand Slam” which is also awesome. Everything since has been meh, really.

6. Weezer
Ok, these guys didn’t really make this list. But boy oh boy, if they didn’t make the Red Album things would not look very good for them. Return to form is exactly what they needed.

7. U2
These guys used to be edgy. They wrote great albums in the 80s/90s. Things took a turn for the worse when something was going on putting a complete halt on anything great. “Pop” reared its ugly head in 1997 was shit (even though it had 2 good songs). “All that you can barely Leave Behind” had a few singles but contained only 2 tracks in my ears worth listening to - “Beautiful Day” and “Ground Beneath Her Feet” (which was taken from the Million Dollar OST and landed on the Australia-only release).
Followed 5 years later was, “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”. Total wank fest. It’s 11 years. We’re not asking for “War” or “Joshua Tree” but give me something I can sit here and not waste precious internet web space taking the piss.

8. Offspring
I grew up with this band. They started out and did the good S/T album, then the underrated, “Ignition” followed by, “Smash” and not to forget the great, “Ixnay in the Hombre”. “Americana” was ok, “Conspiracy of One” was barely average, “Splinter” had 2 good songs and “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” sucked hard. We need another, “Smash”.

9. Puddle Of Mudd
LOL Ok, I am lying about these guys. They have ALWAYS sucked. Just like Staind.

10. Bloodhound Gang
I do like these guys. I am not a huge fan to begin with but they do have a number of tracks I do like.
“Hefty Fine” is their latest installment. Took 5 years to get here and when it did it had 12 tracks. Of which 2 are good. And the riffs have been stolen from either themselves or have been done a million times. I am not sure which.