I want to know if you could cover a song, what would it be?
And why? How would you do it?

I wanna hear your ideas.

I couldn’t give a Rabbit-like shit about Metallica, but they did a cover of a really great song - “Astronomy” by Blue Oyster Cult. The cover is alright but the song was begging to be covered. Metallica also covered the Misfits (”Last Caress”) and Killing Joke (”The Wait” - one of their best songs to date) to name a few.
AFI (another band I once liked quite a bit but has gone to shit after their good but inconsistent album, “Art of Dying” in 2000) did a cover of the Police’s, “Man a Suitcase” - another song which is absolutely ripe for covering. I didn’t particularly like the cover but songs like that.
The Byrds did, “Mr Tambourine Man” by Dylan. Another cover begging to be covered.
Hendrix did, “All Along the Watchtower” - another Dylan track begging to be covered.

The only thing about naming songs is you can’t just blurt out songs because you find that the song is already great in its own right. You wouldn’t cover, “Stairway to Heaven” because 1. It’s been done a million times by bands who really should not have attempted it in the first place. 2. It’s perfect in its original state.

Eric Clapton had a knack for it. His biggest singles were covers (except, “Layla”), “Cocaine” (JJ Cale) and “I Shot the Sheriff” (Bob Marley) to name a few.

Let me know.